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Support Dr. Spencer

Dr. William Spencer

Serving as the first physician on the Suffolk County Legislature has been a tremendous honor. I am proud of the advancements that I have made in public health policy here in Suffolk County. Because of my ability to serve, we have passed groundbreaking health-related legislation that has addressed big, bold issues that affect our constituents.

But unfortunately, Public health decisions are too often made by those least qualified to make them and those people are influenced by political factors often unfamiliar to the decision-making process of health care professionals.

Politics are not always based on logic and decisions that elected officials make may not seem logical to those of us who make decisions every day based on actual medical fact, probabilities and our intense training.

In order to change or create effective public health policy, we need to bring more people to the table that are qualified to assess, analyze and articulate the appropriate health and medical needs of a constituency.

Small, local races are costly. My local race cost approximately $150,000. We need to support each other if we are to keep and obtain more seats at the table. Physicians should consider financially supporting qualified candidates that work for effective public health policy.

Physicians must take control of the effort and the message. Whether it is tort reform, smoking policy, the sale of dangerous energy drinks to children, insurance regulation, healthcare disparities or a host of other issues, we must get involved, create longstanding reliable relationships with policy makers, support them in their elections and become candidates ourselves.

I hope you will consider supporting my campaign today. I am relying on your help to continue be a rational voice for the advancement of sound public health policy on the Suffolk County Legislature and to represent the needs and concerns of all physicians.

Please use the “Contribute” button to the right of this message to help support my re-election campaign.

Lives depend on us winning the fight to craft effective, commonsense public health policy.

Thank you for your support.