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Push to ban energy drink marketing

Fox 5 NY
Fox 5 NY

Dr. William Spencer, Chairman of the Suffolk County Health Committee, is headed to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to testify about the dangers of energy drinks and to press for a ban on marketing the drinks to minors.

A law passed in Suffolk County restricts the sale of energy drinks in parks and prevents companies from couponing and marketing towards teenagers.

"(In doctors' offices) we've seen an increase of 10-fold over ten years with children with issues (related to the consumption of energy drinks.) If it is too much caffeine they come in anxious, heart racing and for children with heart issues this is life threatening, said Dr. Spencer.

Spencer adds that the $9B energy drink industry is advertising these drinks as 'energy' when in reality they are 'stimulants.'

Spencer testifies at 2:30 pm on Wednesday in front of the Commerce Committee.