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New surveillance cameras to help fight crime in Suffolk

News 12 Long Island

Suffolk police say a dozen new surveillance cameras have been placed in strategic locations in an effort to fight crime in the county.

Legislator William Spencer says the county is trying to send a very clear message that crime will not be tolerated and adds that cameras are a very good deterrent.

Each precinct will have one or two cameras that will be placed in strategic locations. The cameras are portable, so they will be able to be moved to different areas of concern.

"This is a very exciting moment. We've had some concerns in the community, especially after the Fourth of July. People were out late, they were celebrating and sometimes we'll see some uptick in some violent incidents. Although I am very proud that crime is down substantially, there's still that feeling in the community, especially when there have been issues with the opioid epidemic, there's been gang issues, that people want to feel safe," says Spencer.

The county purchased 12 portable surveillance cameras for $130,000, using money from assets taken from convicted criminals.

The eyes in the sky for officers been placed in several locations across Suffolk County, and at least one camera has been placed in every precinct based on criminal activity.

"Our police officers can access this video footage in their sector cars and on their smartphones, and it's a great tool," says Suffolk County Police Commissioner Tim Sini.